User Art _ Nutzerkunst
/// Peter Weibel

IIn the nineteenth century, the twentieth century was imagined as one of mobilization and personalization technologies. These fantastical visions arrived with the PC and mobile phone. Such technologies have changed art, too. In the twentieth century, the history of the beholders of art and visitors to museums acquired new accents. After 1945, audience participation began to enter as part of the artwork in New Music and in the fine arts. Media art established the participation of the beholder in the creation of an artwork as interactivity between beholder and artwork: in terms of mutual influence (this interaction can be realized on the first floor of the ZKM | Media Museum). In the twenty-first century, through the possibilities of the Internet, the beholder now also generates the content of artworks, which are exchanged and freely distributed online. The beholder becomes a user. Over the next one to two years, the exhibition YOU_ser: The Century of the Consumer will show the first contours of this new user-based art through changing art works and positions.
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Selected Works / Projects /// 2007 /// Interactive Net Platform
/// Mehi Yang / Axel Roch


The new ZKM Platform enables local visitors as well as global internet users to present their own pictures in distributed and networked virtual and real art spaces and to also generate new pictures » read more

ZKM_YOUniverse /// 2007 /// Interactive User Installation /// the SLatelliterates


With ZKM_YOUniverse the ZKM presents its Dependence in Second Life, an outlook for the digital museum of the future » read more